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Guidelines For Buying An Area Rug

If you are doing a fresh decoration project or simply renovating your house by trying to add decoration items, then area rugs should top the list of the items that you want to add to your space. A room can only get that luxurious, enviable, and trendy look if the floor rug is chosen smartly and carefully.

Getting the right area rug is difficult and confusing but you can use the following guidelines to get the perfect rug for your room:


  • Consider the Size of the Area Rug

It is mandatory that you make a decision on the size of rug that you want to purchase. Do not make assumptions because rug size should depend on the size of the room and the area that you want to cover with it. Take a tape measure and do the measurements so that you get the accurate area. It is good to get the right size because perfectly fitted rugs look quite captivating as opposed to those missing the point by a few inches or those that are bigger than the area.


  • Shape of the Rug

Deciding the shape that you want is very crucial because again rugs come in many shapes that can leave you with a plethora of choices. There are square rugs, oval rugs, rectangular rugs, round rugs, octagonal rugs, star-shaped rugs and runners. The shape of the runner may largely depend on your room setup and personal preferences.


  • Choosing the Rug Color

Rugs come in all kinds of colors. You may get confused at the rug shop because all the colors are very attractive. Choose a color that matches your décor theme or one that brings out contrast and brightens the room.



  • Theme of the Rug

Firstly, the theme should depend on what room you are decorating, whether it is the bedroom, living/dining room or any other room. Secondly, the types of furniture in that room play a big role in deciding the theme of rugs to use. Traditional furniture would blend well with a traditional theme of rugs while modern furniture will not disappoint with contemporary rugs. If you are decorating kid’s room, use kid’s rugs that come in attractive colors.



  • Choosing Rug Material

When it comes to durability, you will never go wrong with woolen rugs. There are many materials on the market. You could go for nylon, cotton, jute, and bamboo. If your budget is not limited, getting a silk rug is a priceless touch to your room. You can actually get good deals from the top reputable rug manufacturers.


  • Cost of a Rug

The cost of a rug depends on the type, size, and material. The exact price could range from relatively expensive to quite affordable depending on the factors mentioned above. For instance, the woolen rugs fetch quite an amount because of their antique value and long durability.


  • Construction of Rugs

Rugs are weaved in a variety of styles. We have the traditional style of rugs that are hand-knotted, and as they get older, their value keeps rising. Today, there are other techniques for weaving including machine-made and hand-tufted. You can make your choice depending on the style that you prefer.


How to Care For Your Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Indoor-outdoor rugs are perfect for any home that has kids, pets or a lot of foot traffic. These rugs are incredibly durable, easy to clean and maintain and they also last a long time. You really do get your money’s worth out of these carpets and rugs.

Preventing Stains

Although many of indoor-outdoor carpets and rugs are stain resistant, a few of them still require cleaning just like any other carpet or rug in your home. Clean up all spills as quickly as possible to prevent them from setting in. Work from the outside of the spill inward to prevent spreading the stain. Keep blotting the area with a clean white towel until the entire spill is absorbed. Plain water will remove most stains, but for harder stains such as tomato, wine or juice, you can use dish soap and cold water to clean the stain. With an old toothbrush, scrub the dish soap into the area and blot the area with a clean towel until dry. Vinegar and water mixture will also remove odors that can occur from some stains such as pet messes.

Preserving the Life of an Indoor-Outdoor Carpet

Vacuuming and sweeping the area regularly to prevent dirt build-up that can destroy the carpet fibers is the first step to preserving the life of your carpet or rug. When vacuuming, however, do not use a beater bar or brush attachment on the vacuum as this can destroy the pile of the carpet and compromise the durability of the carpet. For area rugs of this material, use a hose and mild dish soap on both sides of the rug to remove dirt and debris. Then hang over a line from the center of the rug to dry. Hanging from the center prevents the rug from being distorted while on the clothesline.



Preventing Curled Rug Corners

Most rugs within a home that has heavy foot traffic will encounter curled corners at some point. Curled corners on a rug pose a tripping hazard that makes it essential to resolve the issue as soon as possible. It can be easily fixed by dampening the corners of the rug, by placing a damp towel over the area to weigh it down and leave it overnight. You can also use Velcro on the corners of the rug to prevent the corners from being kicked up as people walk across them. Indoor-outdoor rugs experience this problem more than any other type of rug because of the synthetic material that the rug is made of. Using no slip mats is another method to prevent the corners of the rug from curling.

Indoor-outdoor rugs were designed for decks and patios but became more and more popular through the years as the choice of colors and styles evolved making it much easier to bring them inside the home. These rugs are perfect for any home with small children or pets as they are easy to clean and maintain. They last significantly longer than traditional rugs or carpets and look great in the home, no matter what your interior design style is.

How To Use An Area Rug To Decorate A Small Space

A rug is one of the most effective ways to make your small space look larger and more organized. It instills color, textures, and warmth, and it can help muffle sounds inside your small space. They are a versatile piece of decoration — you can pile them, layer them, combine them with different elements, and use them as the base for the rest of your décor.

If your space is rented and came furnished, you might want to add a personal touch to it. And while it’s harder to choose a rug when you already have the furniture and some of the decoration, it’s still possible to find a perfect match.

But before you bring a rug in your small apartment or room, there are a few things you need to consider.

Go for rounded rugs

Round rugs are an excellent way to make rooms look more spacious. They create movement, invigorate the décor, and define spaces without making them look too isolated or closed. It is possible to put them under square furniture, but it’s best to replicate the shape with other elements like ottomans, stools, or even artwork.

Keep an eye on proportions

Evaluate the size and style of the furniture, and choose a rug that complements these elements and still brings something new to the table. For example, if you’re looking for rugs for your dining room in the kitchen-dining area and you already have the table and chairs, take a note of the colors of the furniture to find a rug with a similar tone.

Then, consider which new elements you’d like to bring to the décor. For instance, you might want to add a fun element to a traditional look, warm up a space with a cool palette, or make it look more spacious. Different rugs will create different results.

Color and patterns

Patterns often help to create more space and length in a room. For example, a large rug with a small pattern helps extend open rooms like halls.

When it comes to color, bright colors are best to make the room look more spacious. Solid rugs or rugs with small patterns and a limited palette help balance the room without making it seem crowded. Combine a light-colored, thin-piled rug with minimalistic furniture and a big mirror to make any room look larger.

Take into account the direction of the light. If your room is facing south, it will have cooler tones; while a north-facing room will look warmer. When you find out how light enters your room, it’ll be easier to balance the warm or cool tones to even out the tones in your décor.

If possible, try the rug at home before you buy it. Sometimes, a rug might look different at home than it did at the store. You also need to make sure the size of the rug is right for your space.

In small spaces, rugs can play a big part in making the rooms look larger. Use rounded rugs in light colors, pair them with mirrors and small patterns, and you’ll have a spacious, comfortable small room with its unique style and personality.