Guidelines For Buying An Area Rug

If you are doing a fresh decoration project or simply renovating your house by trying to add decoration items, then area rugs should top the list of the items that you want to add to your space. A room can only get that luxurious, enviable, and trendy look if the floor rug is chosen smartly and carefully.

Getting the right area rug is difficult and confusing but you can use the following guidelines to get the perfect rug for your room:


  • Consider the Size of the Area Rug

It is mandatory that you make a decision on the size of rug that you want to purchase. Do not make assumptions because rug size should depend on the size of the room and the area that you want to cover with it. Take a tape measure and do the measurements so that you get the accurate area. It is good to get the right size because perfectly fitted rugs look quite captivating as opposed to those missing the point by a few inches or those that are bigger than the area.


  • Shape of the Rug

Deciding the shape that you want is very crucial because again rugs come in many shapes that can leave you with a plethora of choices. There are square rugs, oval rugs, rectangular rugs, round rugs, octagonal rugs, star-shaped rugs and runners. The shape of the runner may largely depend on your room setup and personal preferences.


  • Choosing the Rug Color

Rugs come in all kinds of colors. You may get confused at the rug shop because all the colors are very attractive. Choose a color that matches your décor theme or one that brings out contrast and brightens the room.



  • Theme of the Rug

Firstly, the theme should depend on what room you are decorating, whether it is the bedroom, living/dining room or any other room. Secondly, the types of furniture in that room play a big role in deciding the theme of rugs to use. Traditional furniture would blend well with a traditional theme of rugs while modern furniture will not disappoint with contemporary rugs. If you are decorating kid’s room, use kid’s rugs that come in attractive colors.



  • Choosing Rug Material

When it comes to durability, you will never go wrong with woolen rugs. There are many materials on the market. You could go for nylon, cotton, jute, and bamboo. If your budget is not limited, getting a silk rug is a priceless touch to your room. You can actually get good deals from the top reputable rug manufacturers.


  • Cost of a Rug

The cost of a rug depends on the type, size, and material. The exact price could range from relatively expensive to quite affordable depending on the factors mentioned above. For instance, the woolen rugs fetch quite an amount because of their antique value and long durability.


  • Construction of Rugs

Rugs are weaved in a variety of styles. We have the traditional style of rugs that are hand-knotted, and as they get older, their value keeps rising. Today, there are other techniques for weaving including machine-made and hand-tufted. You can make your choice depending on the style that you prefer.


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